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21-Year Old US Man Runs Away From Jail 4 Months Before Release, Jailed Again For 40 Years

Isha Sharma
Isha Sharma
Updated on Aug 03, 2023, 22:16 IST- 2 min read

In Mississippi, a 21-year-old man received a 40-year prison sentence for attempting to escape from a correctional facility shortly before his release. As per a report in Sky News, Shunekndrick Huffman escaped from the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in August 2022. 

He broke into a nearby home and held three people at gunpoint for several hours. Afterward, he stole a car from one of the hostages and crashed it.

After an extensive search, authorities located him hiding in a trash can at the Mississippi State Hospital in Whitfield, which is about 3.2 kilometers away from the prison. 

He was quickly arrested and sent back to prison within hours, as reported by WLBT.

Remarkably, he was serving a seven-year sentence for aggravated assault and had an anticipated release date in December 2022, which was only four months away.

According to Rankin County District Attorney Bubba Bramlett, he confessed to two counts of kidnapping, and a circuit court judge sentenced him to 40 years in state prison, as reported on Monday.

Due to the unfortunate prison break, he might have to wait until he's in his 60s before being re-released. 

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The reason behind his attempt to escape just months before his release remains unclear.

Agencies Agencies

Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Burl Cain informed WLBT-TV that they would upgrade the siren system at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility to prevent similar escapes in the future.

The boss of the correctional facility, Burl Cain, also issued an apology at the time of the incident when a siren meant to alert locals about the escaped convict failed to go off.

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