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Mum's Sweet Revenge: Passengers Refusal To Swap Seats On Plane Backfires

Updated on Aug 03, 2023, 15:03 IST- 3 min read
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Nobody wants to refuse a pre-booked seat on a flight, be it for any reason. A mother exacted her vengeance on a flying passenger who refused to give up her seat so she could sit with her children. Here's what we know.

Mother's sweet revenge on flight passenger refusing to swap seats goes viral 

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Cindy Arena, a New York comedian, recorded a TikTok video outlining how she got her revenge by leaving the passenger with her children. Cindy shared her thoughts on the current practice of individuals swapping seats on flights to sit with loved ones in a post on the video-sharing platform. 

"I love that people are asking this as a question," she stated. "For example, if you don't have a seat next to your children, should the person sitting next to them move so you can sit with them? As if someone is asking this question."

"No," she added. "Allow them to stay with your children. This is something that has happened to me. The woman would not get up. She refused, despite the fact that my two children were just four and six years old at the time."

The passenger changed her mind on her own 

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"Then I said, 'OK, no problem, I'm not going to argue,' and I went to the back of the plane and sat in my assigned seat because she refused to give up hers." When she declined and was left with Cindy's children, who were four and six years old, she quickly changed her mind. 

"It was so peaceful," Cindy said, "and finally the stewardess comes up because I know she's coming because this b**** is sitting next to my kids and there's nothing fun about that."

"She said, 'Erm ma'am, she'd like to trade seats with you right now,' and I said, 'Oh no, no, we need to stay in our assigned seats, have a good flight.'" 

Many TikTok users seemed to agree with not relocating after being taken aback by the comedian's candour. "If you want your family to sit together, make sure you book your seats together," K_Rod_14 replied. 

It is unreasonable to expect someone to switch seats with you." Chele laughed, "I'm laying my head on my window seat with my noise cancelling headphones..not my problem." "I wasn't sure where this was going, but it did not disappoint," Kellie Marie added. 

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