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Kohlapur Couple Takes Out Baraat On Water Tanker To Highlight Water Scarcity

Idrees Bukhtiyar
Idrees Bukhtiyar
Updated on Jul 09, 2022, 15:22 IST- 2 min read
kolhapur wedding water tanker

Various areas of India have been facing the serious water shortage and drought like situation. With no help from the authorities, residents of various areas are forced to dig the wells but attempts to look for water have also failed in many cases.

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However, many good samartains continue to help the people of these affected areas whether by creating awareness on saving of water or helping them with free water supply.  

Baarat on water tanker

In an attempt to draw attention to the irregular water supply in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur, a couple from the city chose to take out their marriage procession on a water tanker and resolved to not embark on their honeymoon till the issue was sorted.

The groom Vishal Kolekar, 32, got married on Thursday and the couple took out a marriage procession on a water tanker to highlight the water issues in their locality.

kolhapur wedding water tanker TOI Pune

“We have a social group called Prince Club here and through our platform, we have been appraising the civil administration about the irregular water supply in some of the areas of Mangalwar Peth. But despite our pleas, the issue has not been addressed,” said Kolekar, who is employed in a private firm in the western Maharashtra city.

Since the water supply in the area is erratic, residents have to rely on water tankers to meet their requirements, he said.

No honeymoon either

Kolekar and his wife Aparna used a water tanker for the marriage procession instead of a car, and the message on the banner hung on the vehicle said the couple will not go on their honeymoon till the water supply issue is resolved.

Water Representational Image/The Hindu

Indians are known for holding unique protests whenever their genuine demands are not met despite taking them up with the authorities. This protest is probably one of the best and the most original.

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