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Heartwarming Encounter: Deer And Humans Seek Shelter Together On Rainy Day In Japan

Updated on Jul 31, 2023, 12:06 IST- 6 min read
deer and human

Animals and humans used to coexist in the same environment throughout the prehistoric era. The equation gradually evolved with the passage of time and evolution.

Humans began to establish their own habitats as civilisation began to emerge, but animals continued to live in the wild. However, since humanity began constructing concrete buildings by cutting down trees, animals have become increasingly common in urban areas. Even today, we witness wild animals invading human boundaries, whether for food or other reasons. 

A video displaying a similar situation is now going viral. Take a look. 

Humans and deer take shelter together during a downpour 

Recently in Japan, a herd of deer sought cover under a roof alongside humans during a violent rainstorm. The video became viral in a matter of minutes.

Tansu Yegen, the individual who tweeted the now-viral video, did so on July 26. "The situation in the Japanese city of Nara during a downpour," the tweet explained. 

The film begins with images of practically empty streets in Nara, Japan, during a heavy downpour. Soon after, the camera moves from the roadside to the right giving us a glimpse of a moment that will make you say 'aww.'

It captures a herd of deer that is sheltering with a group of people under a structure to avoid the severe rain. While some deer were observed crouched on the ground, others were seen roaming the covered grounds. 

People around them captured the heartwarming moment on film

deer and human Twitter Screengrab

The commuters stranded in the rain appeared ecstatic to be so near to the animals. Some folks even took pictures with them. Surprisingly, despite their near proximity to humans, the two-horned animals appeared undisturbed. 

A woman wrote how it's amazing to see such a peaceful relationship between animals and humans where deer feel safe and at ease in the company of humans. It is a lovely illustration of how humans and nature can coexist peacefully, she added. 

A man explained that Nara was his favourite Japanese destination because everyone in town understood the golden rule: deer have the right of way. In addition, there were more vegan eateries there than anywhere else in Japan combined.

 Here's what some other people wrote:

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